The Ultimate Beer Glass Guide

Every few months someone approaches me asking us to post their infographic. Most of the time I’ve already seen it around the net 100 times and the rest of the time the infographics are dumb sales ads. I feel this one has good content that is straight to the point and not already floating across Facebook. So with thanks to John Powers from Hangover Revivol I present their Ultimate Beer Glass Guide.

Ultimate Beer Glass Guide

Full Disclosure: Hangover Revivol emailed me with this infographic and I thought it was worth posting. Please do not interpret this as approval of their product. In my experience the only hangover cure out there is time, rest, and hydration. Personally I do my best to drink at least 8 oz of Gatorade G2 before going to bed and do so again when I wake up. If I’m out of Gatorade I drink water. I’ve tried a few hangover products and most made a difference.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Beer Glass Guide

  1. When listing styles the glass is meant for, it is hilariously redundant for the first two descriptors to be, “ales and lagers”.

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