Learning About Beer: Water Treatment in Cincinnati Craft Beers

Water is one of the four core ingredients of beer and represents more than 90% of the finished product that enters your mouth. It’s time to learn more about water and its role in Cincinnati beer.brewing elements water

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Know Your Local Brewery: Cellar Dweller 3 Year Update

Three years ago I talked to Steve Shaw at Cellar Dweller to learn more about this new Cincinnati brewery. I’d had a few of their beers, and they were mediocre, one was fantastic but sadly a one off. At the time, I couldn’t find much information about them so I headed to Valley Vineyards and went to the source.

Every month, I look through my archives and decided what to post for #ThrowbackThursday. It shcoked me to discover it’s really been three years since I first met Steve Shaw. Thinking about that, and a recent Facebook discussion, I decided I had to go out and catch up with all the changes that have happened at Cellar Dweller.

Cellar Dweller Eye Opener 4-pack

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MadTree Session Ale Tasting

I got a special invitation to join MadTree in a session ale tasting and hear a special announcement. What follows part 1 of 2, with part 2 coming at a soon but as of yet undetermined time.

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Catching Up With Blank Slate Brewing Company

Blank Slate Brewing Company joined the Cincinnati brewing scene in Spring of 2012, and I sat down with him in the fall of that year. Realizing it’s been three years since then,  we sat down for another interview recently. Scott and I talked for a long time, this is a long post please bear with it, it’s worth it. Also, hang tight for later this week or next when I’ll post part 2. Today, though, it’s all about Blank Slate Brewing Company!

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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi! My name is Chris Nascimento and I will be a contributor to Queen City Drinks from time to time. Why? Well, I used to blog about beer for a couple of other blogs, namely the now defunct Circle 3 and I did a couple of posts over at Cincy Voices as well. I had always meant to get back into blogging, but I got wrapped up in various projects. I should also note other people created beer blogs worth reading, so it became less of a priority and fell by the wayside.

Still, I’ve missed sharing my views and experiences with beer, which is something I am pretty passionate about. Back around last December, I mentioned as much on Twitter and Tom Aguero here at Queen City Drinks saw this,  reached out to me and offered me the opportunity to be a contributor. So before Tom could sober up, I quickly accepted the offer and promised to get blogging again with the specific, agreed upon date of “soon”. I have been busy with lots of other stuff, so “soon” ended up meaning about another four months.

What could be more important than blogging about beer? Well, I do a bunch of other stuff. I enjoy a beer now and then. I serve on the board of a few different organizations, including Cincinnati Beer Week. I run a homebrew shop called Brew Monkeys over on Cincinnati’s west side. I am also a member of the Cincinnati Malt Infusers homebrew club, presently serving them as PR officer. I have been involved with putting on a slew of other events, including beer festivals, and over the years I have judged in several homebrew competitions on a regular basis and made a number of beers myself. I have founded a few other events and otherwise kept busy working on stuff that allows me to enjoy craft beer & homebrew.

Oh yes, I’m not sure if my family wants me to mention them, but I will do it anyway. I am married to Wendy, a very tolerant, understanding woman who has attended way more beer events than what she has probably cared to even though she also really likes good beer. I have three children, two sons and a daughter. My eldest son is also a craft beer enthusiast and has dabbled with homebrewing. My daughter knows a lot about beer from overhearing stuff over the years, but has asked me not to talk about beer TOO much, and my youngest son, being autistic, just looks at me, shakes his head and says stuff like “Not beer again!” All three of my kids lead active lives, including many things that have absolutely nothing to do with beer. I try to be involved in or attend all their non-beer activities whenever it is appropriate for a Dad to do so.

While all these experiences may give me a unique perspective with a few things, let me be clear with the following DISCLAIMER: All views expressed by me on this blog represent MY views and SOLELY my views. Any opinions, thoughts, reviews I share here DO NOT represent the official views of ANY organization I currently serve, NOR those of my wife, family, friends or anyone else other than me.

A little bit of what to expect-I don’t write about every single beer event happening, that’s someone else’s gig. If you want to know about the fifty cent off deal on Yuengling at the Happy Canoodle Pub & Grill, don’t ask me. I simply don’t care enough to inquire about it or remember it, much less tell anyone about it. I try to stick to beers, events and topics I feel are worth exploring. If I don’t have too much good to say about a event or beer, I will generally just ignore it. If I feel a event or beer is REALLY BAD, and you, the craft beer enthusiast will likely waste your valuable time and hard earned dollars on it before finding this out, I WILL take the time to warn you. This is especially true if my perception is there is an attempt being made to scam you. But this doesn’t happen too often, so don’t look for much of this kind of stuff.

I have a few pieces I have been working on, so you will be getting to see more of my beer-fueled, innate ramblings in the near future. Among them are:

-Some homebrewing specific articles.

-An exclusive Q & A with the brewers at soon open Urban Artifact Brewing discussing what to expect out of their brewhouse.

-An update on new happenings at Old Firehouse Brewing

– Progress of the new nanobrewery opening soon in Mt Healthy, Fibonacci Brewing

-Opinion pieces on beer industry related topics I feel are worth exploring.

You have been warned. I should also note, any piece I write will dramatically improve when paired with the right beers while reading it. Usually, the more beer you drink, the better it will get. If you are really gluttons for punishment, I am an avid social media user. You can find me on Facebook, as well as on Twitter as @brewnas.


Craft vs. Crafty: Should We Drop the Craft and Just Call it Beer?

In January the CEO of Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) had a bit of a rant about his beers not being “craft”. Earlier this month the Brewer’s Association changed their definition. Finally, a friend of the blog Bryan Roth posted his take on the topic over on his blog. This Is Why I’m Drunk. So what is Craft vs. Crafty and how should we refer to the beer we love?

O, be some other name
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

There seems to be an ongoing back and forth about what is or is not craft beer. Is Yuengling craft beer because it uses so many adjuncts? How about Boston Beer Company and its 3+ million barrels a year? Tenth and Blake owns a small part of Terrapin Brewery. Does that mean Terrapin isn’t craft? Mind you MillerCoors owns Tenth and Blake.

Join me as we take a look at what “craft beer” is and try to answer these questions.

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The Session #78: You like good hamburgers?

session_logo_all_text_300I’m taking the plunge and joining a group of other beer bloggers in what’s called The Session. Blogging on a beer topic on the first Friday of the month. Each month a blogger comes up with a topic and all the other bloggers respond.

This month James at Beer Bar Band asked what our “elevator pitch” for craft beer was. That’s to say if you have 30-seconds to convert a BMC drinker to a DFH drinker what do you say? To make things more challenging and keep the to length of an elevator ride I only have 250 words to for my pitch, so here goes:

That’s a nice beer you got there, have you ever had Sam Adam’s Boston Lager or Dogfish Head 60 Minute? Oh, no? You don’t like fancy beers? That’s too bad.

Do you like hamburgers? You do, great! So… I guess you just always eat McDonald’s quarter pounder, right? I mean it’s a hamburger, and it’s good, not great, but good.

Oh, you really like Red Robin? Cool, me too. I love the Royal, something about a fried egg on a burger is really tasty to me… screw my arteries!

Why do you like Red Robin more than McDonald’s? Better flavor and variety? Definitely, I’m right there with you. If you like variety, ya know the spice of life and all that, and better flavor hamburgers you should really think about applying that to beer too.

The McDonald’s quarter pounder is just like your light beer there. It’s a burger, it’s ok, it’s available everywhere. But think about the Royal, it’s super tasty, maybe a little harder to get, and a little more expensive but SO worth it.

That’s just like craft beer.

You may not like those bitter beers, just like I don’t like Red Robin’s Whiskey River burger. But my boss loves the Whiskey River and I love bitter beers.

There are so many craft beer flavors you just need to spend a bit of time and I guarantee you’ll find one you love! Seriously, guarantee, if you don’t I’ll buy the rest of the 6-pack off you!

Boom, 250 words on the dot!

So that’s my “elevator pitch” for craft beer. What’s yours?