Is Cincinnati in a Craft Beer Bubble? Live at Brink Brewing Co.

We’re headed to Brink Brewing Company tonight for a panel to find out if Cincinnati is in a craft beer bubble!

Come on down to Brink (5905 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati 45224) at 7:30 pm tonight or stream it live on our Brew Minds Facebook page! We’ll have video up on our YouTube page as soon as possible after the event.

If you’re a fan of craft beer, then no doubt you’ve seen or heard this:
“A new brewery is opening in XYZ neighborhood!”
“Oh great, another new brewery. Isn’t this market already too saturated?”

Well, let’s stop arguing on Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/Instagram and let’s sit down and talk about it. Brink Brewing is proud to host a moderated discussion around this very controversial topic. We welcome craft beer owners & brewers, bloggers, and enthusiasts.

We’ll gather around our Community Table and let craft beer do what it does best: bring people together.

It’ll be moderated by Andy McCleese from Brink and Tom Aguero from Brew Minds. We’ve got a great panel lined up including:

  • Roxanne Westendorf from the Brewers Association
  • Justin Hemminger from the Ohio Craft Brewers Association
  • Bret Kollmann Baker from Urban Artifact
  • Sam Marts from Cavalier Distributing
  • Frank Seta of the Lucky Turtle

Also, if you’re able to make it down to Brink, or watch the live stream, we’ll save some time at the end to take your questions for the panelists!

Quaff Bros: Catching Up, Blue Melvin, and Beyond

Quaff Bros. is a gypsy beer label from Cincinnati, and now across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It’s been three years since my post helping you know your local brewery. There have been some changes at Quaff Bros that we’re going to get into, but rest assured, the future is bright and blue (melvin)!

Quaff Bros

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Cincinnati Dog-Friendly Breweries

Hello world,

Meet Izzy and her friend Rudi, actually, if you’ve read the blog for a while you already met Izzy as she product tested Brewhouse Dog Bones for me. Izzy is my dog and she loves visiting breweries, but not all breweries love Izzy visiting them, so here’s a list of where four-legged friends are welcome and where they aren’t.


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Learning About Beer: Wet Hopped Beers

Sticking with the fall beer theme from the past two weeks I want to educate folks on wet hopped beers. Pumpkin beers dominate Fall with Oktoberfest beers coming in a distant second and wet hopped beers a bit of a rarity.

whole leaf wet hopped
Hops are the source of IBUs in beer

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